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Sheltered by the Sea Lord - signed paperback

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356 pages - groundswood paper - signed paperback

If they thought they could break her, they were wrong.

Sabotaged in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, computer security expert Starr is adrift and alone.
But she’s a survivor. Her defenses are hidden deep inside, protecting her perfectly from all threats.
Except one.

The tattooed warrior who comes to her rescue is her opposite in every way. Eager where she’s cautious. Deliciously hot where she’s a cold-blooded realist. Passionate about saving his fellow warriors, whereas she…well, in some ways they are very much the same, actually. But they have very different ideas of how to save the endangered mer.

He claims she’s his soul mate. That if he’s right, she can transform into a powerful mer queen and embrace a life she’s always desired.
But if he’s wrong?
She will die.
And so will his entire race.

Enjoy the explosive conclusion of the Lords of Atlantis series!

Book 10 in the Lords of Atlantis series

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