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Blades of Arris: Ukuri - ebook

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This book is in the outline phase and the retailer release date is December 2023*. You can buy direct from me and receive it at least one month before retailers. I've just done this with Atana and buyers received the book 4 months in advance!

When you buy this early access ebook, you will receive a one-page PDF immediately that repeats this information. After I finish the ebook, you will receive an email with the download code. Check back for updates!


Yes, I'm a lesser from a servant world.
Born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but unfortunately, it didn't last.
Now I'm abducted. Imprisoned. Subjected to experiments.
A human lab rat in an alien maze.
Their leader is going to cure me. Cut out my sickness with his terrifying blades. He hides the truth behind dark shades and an icy smile, pretending that he's trustworthy so I don't run away.
Joke's on you, mad scientist. 
I've been trying to cut this sickness out of me since forever. Not all scars are in a place that you can see. And no matter where I go, I can't outrun myself.
In his frigid alien race, I've finally found my people.
He laughs when he promises he'll never have feelings for me. As if such a human thing could ever happen to an alien conqueror like him.
Put me in the maze.
Let the experiment begin.

*** Contains unique alien shifters, fierce passion, and fated mates who defy everything to be together! Although it continues plot lines from the previous novels, this complete, self-contained, epic happily-ever-after can be read as a stand-alone.

Asexual readers note - the heroine identifies as ace, and may more properly be demi. There is a lot of (imho necessary!) sex in this book. A lot. It's recommended for any readers who enjoy high heat romance and who don't mind the first-person POV.

TW: suicide, medical trauma

*Progress updates here:

November 2022 update: Due to the unstable nature of audiobook production, I've changed the retail date from August 2023 to December 2023. I expect to publish at least two books in 2023, so I'm planning to release it earlier!

In August 2022 I drafted the outline. 
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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