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Secrets of the Sea Lord - signed paperback

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394 pages - groundswood paper - signed paperback

He is lithe, gorgeous, and his kisses taste like rain. But how can I be his queen? I don’t even have a country.

Harmony is terrified when she awakens on a raft in the middle of the ocean with a deadly, tattooed Lord of the Sea hulking over her. But she quickly realizes he’s the one who saved her from the storm—and that joining his undersea world is the only way she’ll survive.

Mer warlord Faier dreads his bride’s terror as she stares on his wrecked body. A lifetime of honorable service has destroyed his ability to woo a mate.
…Or can the purehearted female look past his scars when she willingly takes his muscled arm?

This star-crossed pair is stranded deep in forbidden territory. Their foe has no compunction about killing Faier and taking Harmony. Because, according to the ancient laws, Faier is the true enemy. Until a long-buried secret changes everything…

A warrior chained by duty. A bride who refuses any claim. A secret that will untangle a decades-old mystery of the deep.

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! Contains the most heroic white knight warrior, his fair maiden—who isn't very fair and also finds herself taking up his trident, and a helpful pet octopus named Lady. Soak in the yummy undersea world of the Lords of Atlantis!

Book 6 in the Lords of Atlantis series

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