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Shattered by the Sea Lord - ebook

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Matchmaker Dannika will do anything to help the mer warriors find their soul mates and save their race.
Until a warrior tries to claim her for himself.
Forget the steady strength in his bulging biceps, the tingling awareness coursing through her veins, or the patience, kindness, and empathy in his iridescent green-and-coffee-brown irises.
She already met her soul mate.
Met, married, and mourned him.
If something happened to her gorgeous mer warrior…
No. She can’t go through that again.
Her dreams were forgotten for a reason.
There is no second chance for one true love.

This is a lovely standalone shifter romance filled with adventure in the bestselling Lords of Atlantis series. It contains steamy love scenes, vivid undersea battles, a forbidden island filled with plucky castaways, and the kraken! Dive into the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle with these wily warriors of the sea.

Book 8 in the Lords of Atlantis series
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