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Onyx Dragons: Alexandrite - ebook

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Dragon shifter Alex is beautiful. 
But a lifetime of being targeted for his beauty has turned his heart into ice.
Only Nicole, the smart-talking human who wears her heart on her sleeve, can show him what it means to be normal. In a family of high achievers, she's a simple barista. Self-acceptance is kind of her jam.
Now ruthless dragons from Alex's past are threatening to invade Earth. They've set their sights on taking Alex, too. 
But Nicole's not letting Alex–or her planet–go without a fight.

This steamy, complete romance novel contains the power of true love, a dragon shifter who's found his family, and a truly addictive cup of coffee. These dragon invaders don't know what they're up against. The dragon empire is about to be rocked by a simple barista from Earth!

Book 6 in the Onyx Dragons series
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