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Onyx Dragons: Flint - ebook

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Flint is the last unmarried Onyx brother.

The outsider, the odd one...and now the universe's would-be savior?
He has the wisdom to save it, but he needs the strength of the new empress to execute his vision.
She’s gorgeous, strong, ambitious, and he’ll have to defeat a thousand aristocrats to win her favor.

But once she's his? He protects his own.

His enemies have been underestimating him. Underestimating humans. Underestimating Earth.

That changes.


Enjoy the final stand-alone novel in this dragon shifter series! Fated mates, high fashion, and the intriguing Earth "coffee break" collide in this fun, steamy intergalactic romp. Let this yummy dragon shifter romance abduct you!

Book 7 in the Onyx Dragons series
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