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Blades of Arris: Ranse - ebook

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I am a lesser? From a servant world? A nobody?
What a joke.
The man who discounts me is the one who loses.
Because me? I know royalty when I see it.
They call me the Kingmaker.
And I am never wrong.

Even on an alien world, he will do anything to possess me.
The Prince of Blades.
His world is in shambles.
His conquerors have turned against him.
All because of a few pesky lessers like me.

I can make him into an emperor.
I can fix his fractured world and bring his generals into line.
But he might not like who he has to become to win.
Us lessers aren't exactly who they thought we were, ha ha.
And me?
Well, I have a few secrets of my own.
And I'll only reveal those to a true king.

Devour the next book in the enthralling, highly-acclaimed Blades of Arris universe where one woman from Earth takes on the king of the conquerors and the universe is never the same!
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