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Onyx Dragons: Flint - signed paperback

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320 pages - groundswood paper - signed paperback

I’m the last Onyx brother.

A dragon shifter on an intergalactic mission.

The Dragon Empire will be destroyed if I don’t take matters into my own hands.


I’ve made a fortune on Earth.

And I never let my low-born past get in my way.

But the Empire is crumbling, and I need her help to save it.

The beautiful new empress.

She’s gorgeous, ambitious, and I’ll have to defeat a thousand aristocrats to win her favor.

But I’m determined.

This is the fight I’ve spent years training for.

And after I win, I’ll bring peace to the universe.


We cannot underestimate our enemies.

And they better not underestimate me.

I’m saving the Empire for my mate.

If anything happens? If she gets hurt?

The whole universe will burn.

Book 7 in the Onyx Dragons series