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Atana early access ebook!

Buy directly from me and receive your copy at least one month* ahead of other retailers. I AM CURRENTLY STILL WRITING THIS BOOK. This is a placeholder "thank you" file! You will receive the final file as soon as it's done.

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I am a lesser from a servant world. 
But before I was taken? 
Well, let's just say the night sky isn’t the only place that’s filled with darkness.
And I might be fragile as glass, but I shielded my daughter. I’ll withstand these brutal aliens.
Their leader, the one who has blades in his wrists and a fractured look in his eyes? I’m all that stands between him and Earth.
But now I think I have the advantage.
If you see through me it means you don't see what's right in front of you.
And I’m not afraid of anything.
This glass holds oceans. Planets. Stars.
Just try and make me break.

*** Contains unique alien shifters, fierce passion, and loyal warriors who find their fated mates in the stars. Each full-length book is a complete romance with an epic happily-ever-after. Claim your conqueror today!

Product Information: You will receive a confirmation email with an information sheet immediately after your purchase. You will receive a second email with the early access download code at least one month* before this book goes live on retailers. The ebook will be available as an epub, mobi file, or print-formatted PDF. The epub and mobi files will include time-limited bonus material.

NOTE: The current retailer release date is likely NOT ACCURATE. In February I set the release date to September 20, 2022 thinking that seven months was more than enough, but creativity has no deadlines, and I pledge to give you the absolute best book I'm capable of. The final draft always goes to an audiobook production company three months before release, so I will absolutely give this book to you at least one month before retailers receive it, and possibly as much as three months in advance. If Amazon has to cancel me because the deadline shifts, that happens, but you will get the BEST BOOK. I'll send you a communication in August 2022 about the status of the book and the release, if not beforehand, and you can always join my regular newsletter for current life events and updates. Thanks again for your support. You are a true patron of the arts. :)
June 2022 update: The writing is done! Beta readers love it, and it's heading to my editor!
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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