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Saved by the Sea Lord - signed paperback

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372 pages - groundswood paper - signed paperback

Warrior Lotar always performs his duty with exceptional focus.
And he always works alone.
Until now.

Program assistant Hazel has a big heart, but somehow she always ends up with her foot in her mouth.
Now the fate of the mer depends on her being a smart and convincing diplomat.
Starting with her guide, the gorgeous warrior with timberwolf-gray tattoos, who seems to be hiding painful secrets behind his silent eyes...

If you like sexy shifter romance, feisty heroines, and wounded heroes with a dark past, this is the book for you. Go on the undersea road trip of your lives in this super fun aquatic adventure! One woman learns just how much she can accomplish when she’s partnered with a warrior who believes.

Book 9 in the Lords of Atlantis series

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