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A 3"x4" sticker signed by me, Starla Night, to put in your books!

Limit 5. This bookplate cannot be combined with any other item -- if you want to order more bookplates or combine orders, please email me and I'll work it out.

International buyers - I really wanted to offer this for you but I can't figure out this website, so you can buy from me via Paypal - fill out this form here: International shipping for Signed Book Plates

***US SHIPPING WARNING*** I can't make the shipping free for just one item, so I've hammered and duct taped this shopping cart to get it to work. That's why the weird limits. I also can't make it work internationally. :( If you accidentally combine things, you'll know it -- shipping will shoot up into the statosphere! It's nuts. Anyway, just email me. :)

Other names: Book plate, bookplate, book plates, bookplates, frontspiece, sticker
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