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Carnelian Dragons: Peridot - ebook

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What is the mysterious human “spirit" of Christmas?

Workaholic dragon shifter Peridot must answer this question. As a new exile to Earth, his future depends on how perfectly he executes his alien boss's assignment. Distractions are strictly forbidden.

But Peridot's holiday consultant is sweetly generous, irresistibly curvy, and cinnamon-scented to unleash all his cravings…

Pet groomer Karmel would love nothing more than to delight the hard-bodied male during her favorite holiday season, but in the face of his perfection, she always ends up looking her worst. When Peridot turns into her rescuer, she discovers the starched business suit conceals a hunky, protective, red-hot male more than capable of making her sugar plums dance the cha-cha.

This is a sexy standalone holiday novella in the bestselling 7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires series. It contains holiday spirits, cookie disasters, and steamy dragon shifter love scenes. Heat up the kitchen and unwrap this fun novella today!
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